India vs New Zealand Manchester Weather, ICC World Cup 2019 Semi-Final Live Updates

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Rain is still on the current World Cup (ICC World Cup 2019). After losing most league matches in this tournament, India and New Zealand’s semi-final bouts were also impressed by this. The match could not begin again after the rain in New Zealand’s innings on Tuesday (July 9). Now this match will begin on Wednesday (July 10) according to the schedule of the reserve day, from where it was stopped.

Extra days only if there is no minimum:

World Cup does not have league matches, but extra days are kept for the semi-finals and final.


On reserve day, know which team can benefit and who can be harmed.
The day is washed and the next match will be happen on the next day Wednesday 10th July 2019. The match does not restart in the reserve day but starts from where the match was stopped. If no single ball has been bowled on the given day, then a match of 50-50 overs will be play again.

Who Will Win If :

Even if the match is not completed in two days, the team which has the highest number of league matches will be considered as the winner. If the match is final, then both teams will be considered joint winners.

INDVSNZ: will be played today Wednesday 10th July 2019 incomplete match, When-how-to see What will happen to the audience?

The viewers do not have to take separate tickets for Reserve Day. Rather they can see both the matches from the previous ticket they have taken. If any viewer does not want to come to watch the reserve day match, he or she gets a refund.

When needed for extra day:

If the scheduled day match is not fulfilled due to rain, bad ground, bad weather or any other reason, then it is played on the day of reserve day. However, the umpires try to ensure that both the teams complete the game at least 20 overs on the scheduled day. To get results in one-day cricket, it is necessary for both the teams to play 20 overs. If that does not happen, the match goes to Reserve Day.