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What is a Fantasy Cricket?

Fantasy cricket is a sports game where each player can make a team of 11 players. As the game begins, users receive points for the fictional teams chosen based on their performance in the actual match. Points are awarded based on runs, wickets, and catches.

To join a fantasy cricket league, you have to join a match and choose a team of 11 players consisting of 1-6 batsmen, 1-6 bowlers, 1-4 wicketkeepers, and 1-6 all-rounders. With this, you also have to select the captain and vice-captain of the team.


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Play Fantasy Cricket @FantasyPower11 & Win Cash Prizes. Click to Download

But what really makes online fantasy cricket so interesting? By the way, there is another reason for this.

Build your team: Fantasy games keep you in control. You make your own cricket team 11 and then enjoy them winning the match. So, you can leave behind the depressing feeling of actually seeing a team play that you didn’t agree with.

Exciting Match: Indian fantasy cricket can never give you a dull moment. It is as if you are playing every match with the team. It’s the kind of engagement you can never get tired of.

Win Factor: One of the most rewarding ways to spend your free time. When you play fantasy cricket and win daily cash, you not only get an adrenaline rush, but also a sense of accomplishment. You can win cash prizes and prizes every day. To improve your skills, you can always quickly check out fantasy cricket tips and become a pro in this game. So, start the fantasy game now and play.


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Play Fantasy Cricket @FantasyPower11 & Win Cash Prizes. Click to Download

Play Fantasy Cricket @FantasyPower11 and Win Daily Cash Prizes

Ever wanted to own a team? Ever thought that you could become a team owner and run a franchise of multi-talented superstar cricketers? Now you can imagine that with FantasyPower11 cricket, your dreams of running your own team and watch their performance come true. Now you can earn cash money prizes by playing imaginary cricket and gaining some bragging rights with friends or colleagues.

Fantasy cricket is not just for luck or painting and Rohit Sharma or Virat Kohli has to score big for you. To score more points than your opponents, you need to read the game carefully, look at the player’s previous stats, report the pitch and then find the players who will find the difference and give you a lead. Will bring

You start by choosing one or more wicketkeepers, followed by at least 3 or more batsmen, all-rounders, and 3 or more bowlers. You vary depending on the type of team, the state of the game (whether it is batting friendly or bowling).

Once you choose to play 11, the important part is to choose the right captain and vice-captain because they give you 2x and 1.5 ٪ points respectively. Your analytical skills and research will show that a player who can give you more points than your opponents can make you different.

Always look at how points are awarded for certain actions, for example, a straight hit run out or a bowler who takes 3 wickets in a game. You can check out the point system for ‘FantasyPower11‘ here.

Your fantasy team will earn points during the game and you can keep an eye on the leaderboard to find out what your status is and your ending. If you don’t like your position during the first innings of the match, you can always plan for a better team and perform better by winning the second innings of the game.

Once the match is over, the results will be announced and if you win one or more winning positions you will win a cash prize. You can easily withdraw your cash win within 24 hours.

How to Start Playing Fantasy Cricket @FantasyPower11

  • Select the match you want to play
  • Create your own team of 11 players
  • Choose your captain and vice-captain
  • Enter the competition of your choice
  • Follow the match and track your progress on the leaderboard