India vs New Zealand, semi-final World Cup 2019

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Semifinal Schedule:- Ind vs New Zealand

The first semi-final between India and New Zealand is just over 24 hours away.
Australia finally lost by 10 runs and gave India the top spot in the league table. In the second semi-final, now there will be traditional rivals England and Australia who will face it in Birmingham on Thursday. Apart from the great uncertainties of cricket, India will have a clear favorite against Kiwi. For many experts and even the captains, they have emerged as the best round and consistent team in the competition.

Asked which team of four semi-finalists made him the champion, Sri Lankan captain Dimut Karunaratne said that India is looking to be the most balanced.
New Zealand’s graph has fallen down after the start of breathtaking – they won their first five full games. But due to quality opposition, he lost three in his last three league games. But Kiwi is known for punching over his weight and India has to be on his guard.

TOI has learned that the game will be played on a new pitch, which adds some intrigigue to the game. Being new, the pitch will allow the ball to come nicely, and the batsmen will have a chance to spread their arms. Old Trafford was the most batsman-friendly ground at ICC World Cup 2019, letting teams run score close to 300 or beyond consistently.

The last match played here, the tantric fight between Australia and South Africa on Saturday has relaxed the two teams comfortably 300

A good, flat batting surface will make India feel comfortable because they have batting to dismiss opponents on such tracks. Since you can not really reduce the English season, so the cloudy days and some booming rains are predicted to interfere with the action on the day of the match. Cloud cover can also affect team selection.

India have already played two matches at Old Trafford and have won both of them. Unlike Edgbaston, where they struggled to master the unique dimensions of the field in their match against England, they would be more understanding about the conditions here in Old Trafford.