HOW Giant IS THE INDIAN Premier LEAGUE? PLAY VIVO IPL 2019 WITH fantasy power 11


Fantasy cricket has its own world, nowadays! Every fantasy sport lover dreams to play the day-night growing leagues just like the ongoing IPL 2019. We all know that the Indian Premier League has become the biggest spectacle in India. Ever since the first series, the growth of this premier league has been tremendous and worth noticing. It has touched almost every heart in India and also worldwide. The success of VIVO IPL 2019 series has great similarities with the movie Slumdog Millionaire. Just like the great movie, IPL has its fan spreading overseas.

The success is so huge that it is competing with the biggest sports leagues and has even left behind a few.

But coming on to the stats, you must be wondering how grand is our Indian Premier League?

  • Let’s first talk about the sources from where the VIVO IPL 2019 gets its revenue for the tournament?

IPL is considered to be the BIGGEST TELEVISION DEAL IN TERMS OF CRICKET. Nothing is bigger than the sponsorships in terms of revenue creation for IPL. Almost 60 percent of the IPL’s revenue comes from sponsorships. Fifty percent of this is distributed amongst the franchises. The IPL broadcasting deal works out to over 54 crores per match. As per the agreements between BCCI and the team owners, 50% of this money is credited to the franchises.

When we talk about the resources collected from match tickets, Bangalore topped the list with Rs 25 crores, Mumbai with 24 crores and Delhi with Rs 22 crores in previous leagues.

  • How does IPL manage to stick firm in front of other big sports leagues?

The Indian Premier League has left behind the NBA and MLB when it comes to global broadcasting rights stakes which itself is a nail biting task to be entitled for.

 The brand value of IPL has continued to grow at a very impressive rapid rate. The Indian Premier League is currently valued at $ 6.3 billion according to Duff & Phelps, a global consultancy firm.

The current brand value of Mumbai Indians is $ 113 million.

Shah Rukh Khan’s Kolkata Knight Riders does not lag far behind with brand valued at $ 104 million.

Royal Challengers Bangalore, Chennai Super Kings and Sunrisers Hyderabad are just behind the giant two taking the next three places.

  • Contribution to India’s GDP?

According to the strong sources from BCCI, the Indian Premier League has contributed Rs.11.5 billion to India’s vast Gross Domestic Production. The data was compiled by KPMG Sports Advisory Group through an economic survey.

But according to the cricket faculties, there are still some loopholes which can be fulfilled. Sky is the limit!

Over the past few years, IPL has turned out from a primp baby to a self sufficient sporting tournament.

So, this is the brand value for your favourite VIVO IPL 2019 fantasy cricket series. If you wish to know more, stay updated with the team highlights. Predictions and performances of your heartily stucked squad, then show us your love in the comment section below.

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