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Many of us have so many fantasies but how many of us are actually blessed to live our fantasy? Maybe no one? But this is the end of this dull reality.

Yes, Fantasy Power 11 is all about giving free rein to all your cricket fantasies. Imagine your chosen favorite player playing league and in return you are getting a chance to win exciting monetary benefits and offers.

No, you don’t have to go to the cricket field to actually watch the match. It can be done at any of your favorite fantasy destination, with your own smart phone with internet connectivity and the zeal for enthusiastic fantasy cricket play. Cricket lovers have this wonderful opportunity to live their fantasy and also earn huge by playing their favorite leagues with their favorite players.

How to play with Fantasy Power 11 Like everything has some rules and regulations, Fantasy Power 11 also has some set of rules which are to be followed while playing the fantasy online cricket. You will have to select the entire team according to the points allotted to them by Fantasy Power 11. The idea is to see how well you are able to select a team that is balanced and strong in all areas. Rules are very easy and user friendly. There are no hard and fast procedures to follow.

The team you choose should be equipped with bowlers, batsman and wicket keeper. Remember to add senior players and the enthusiastic new players in your squad.

Before you actually start playing a fantasy online cricket game, you must be properly aware of all the rules and regulations. Fantasy Power 11 website offers all the terms and conditions, rules and regulations etc for your preference.

After the team selection, the players that you have chosen, their performance on the real actual field actually calculates your chances of winning or losing the match.

The points keep on decreasing and increasing according to the performances of the players.

Fantasy TipAlways keep the player’s current playing form in mind while choosing the team. It is not necessary that the player who had a great history will definitely perform great in the current league too. Be smart with your fantasy move!

Fantasy Power 11 has numerous fans (almost 3lakhs and counting) who are happily playing fantasy cricket online leagues and have earned multiple their savings by showing their potential and great understanding for the game.

Even you can be one of those lucky ones playing with Fantasy Power 11.

If you haven’t downloaded the app till now, and have that fantasy cricket world in yourself, then go download the app now and start joining the leagues.

We promise you won’t deny your step and will return home taking along the happiness!

Not only this, Fantasy Power 11 also provides you with latest score updates, match highlights, feedbacks, match predictions, playing XI and lot more.

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